I could be Josie, or maybe Jamie…

This weekend was full of love, humidity, and people with J names. Allow me to explain… Saturday’s gorgeous West Point wedding was between the two lovebirds Jessica and Jeff. They so happen to both have siblings with names who all start with J. Throw in a parent and a couple of buddies with J names and it was really fun trying to give directions on how to pose for pictures, or finding out how everyone was related. Thankfully they were all patient with me. Didn’t hurt that they had homemade sandwiches to snack on, and a bunch of really cute kids to entertain us all. Jeff and Jessica not only have the J name thing in common, they also both are friends with everyone they meet. The toasts from their friends proved it as did the guests that partied all night long. Jessica even had the 3 kids she nannied for as part of the wedding festivities. One of my favorite moments was watching her not hesitate a bit to wipe the crumbs off her little buddy’s face before they got a fun picture together.  Jeff spoiled Jessica with a swoon worthy pair of new sunglasses for the forecasted sunshine. Thankfully everyone they invited were good sports because we barely fit on the party bus. Not even halfway through the day, I wanted to give myself a new J name and see if I could just be adopted into one of the families. Then I could show up to that cute little church for the next family wedding and power through an awesome reception, fueled by homemade desserts from my new adoptive moms. Worth a shot at least! Enjoy the sampling you two crazy kids!Blog_Photo_Template_2

learn me something!

So I was worried that my brain would be at boiling point on Saturday because of the forecasted 98 degree heat and the lack of AC in the adorable country church that Chelsea and Taylor’s wedding was set. But thankfully the weather gods were a tiny bit kind and it was only 90 and I managed to learn a few things during this fabulous day. Like if want to a wedding party to get into close poses in the sun on a hot day, do it early and don’t ask questions. If you want to be a gracious couple for all your guests that come out for the ceremony, have cold bottled water on hand. If you want to see the sky darken over suddenly, just tell the groom’s party they can shed their dark grey suit coats for the next picture, they’ll come flying off in all directions. If you want to have a wealth of marital expertise, hit the jackpot of great genes and have all 8 of your grandparents in attendance for your wedding. If you want to feel the love x700 on your big day, have as many awesome friends as Chelsea and Taylor and their clearly well loved families. And if you want to wear out your photographer’s trigger finger early in the reception, have an epic dance coordinated with your dad. And if you want to love your job more and more each week, find a group of friends like this couples,  and demand to be their exclusive photographer for all major life events of course. Congratulations you two crazy kids, I hope you enjoy the sampling. Just know there’s lots more creeping to come, you’ll never be rid of me:)


Learning as I go

I’d like to think I’m still learning each day. And Saturday’s wedding was a wonderful chance to learn not just one but many new bits of genius and fun facts:) For example… If you want to keep your bridesmaids a bit warmer, buy them matching gorgeous wraps. If you want to feel relaxed on your big wedding day, have a babysitter for each one of your kids. If you say you don’t want to give a speech at your own wedding, you run the risk that your new husband will do a ventriloquist act with you as the dummy. If you are a pretty well-loved couple, have your wedding reception in the biggest venue you can find, it gives you plenty of room to watch your friends dance like fools. I also learned that it is impossible to get a picture of Michael and Jordan’s 3 cuties all smiling at the same time, and it is also nearly impossible to get a picture of Michael and Jordan not cracking up at each other.  And lastly a lesson for you all… If your wedding photographer says something like “oh, its so cold I’ll hardly take you outside for pictures” they are probably lying to you:) Enjoy the sampling!