Getting personal

I love how personal weddings can be. I love how I get know brides and grooms, and then see their personality and unique taste come out in the details. Jenn and Matt, two masters of quiet observation, did a bang up job of keeping the focus on what really mattered: celebrating their new marriage, family ties, and great food. Some of my favorite moments from this amazing day were: watching Matt fist bump himself as soon as they were pronounced man and wife, seeing Jenn struggle with having to use her fingers to feed Matt cake, while Matt handled feeding his bride like a champ, and hearing the best man speech from Travis about what marrying into a Scandinavian family is really like. Weddings are the best and spending this day with these two is another big reason why I have the coolest and most entertaining job! Enjoy the sampling you two:)


Do you have a tissue?

Don’t worry, all good tears here!  But the Kleenex people were celebrating right along with Zach and Lora on Friday night because they may have well been a co-sponser in their union. For me it was the personally written promises that they vowed to each other, oh and the fact that every single bridesmaid was crying at one point too… I teared up a little bit at the thought that Zach’s mom wasn’t there to help me decorate for my wedding, because the already lovely Thompson Center was made even more so with her amazing additions. We all had a few good laughs though, thanks to Troy, Zach and Lora’s hilarious little guy.  We probably should have just given him the microphone for some stand up. I am so excited for Lora and Zach to start their married lives together, even it began with a night of laughing through the tears.