They say it’s contagious

It so exciting when your wedding day arrives. Having family and strangers catering to your every need, like keeping you warm in the drizzling rain or telling you how great you look in the wedding clothes you’ve had picked out for months, and your loved ones making sure you are exactly where you need to be when you need to be there, then seeing all the important people in your life gathered together for this major event. I’m certain Gonzo, the dog of honor from this weekend’s wedding would agree that it was all worth the wait and careful planning and he was thrilled when his day was finally here. His front and center view of the beautiful ceremony at the Sunken gardens was prime, and his dog mom and dad looked pretty stellar too.  Gonzo kept a pretty impassive face the whole time, while Lauren and Kyle and Co. had a hard time keeping their funny faces in check.  But it’s soooo hard not to be wearing a huge grin or an animated expression when you are running for cash during the reception, or you spot Lego He man hiding in the groom’s boutonnière. Or when you are around Lauren for more than 7 seconds.  I hope Gonzo and his crew can enjoy looking at the pictures from his special day as much as I do, because editing these faces is more entertaining than Netflix bingeing. Enjoy!