Family Tradition

Laura and her family have a few traditions that run deep. They all leave their beautiful LA scenery and sunshine to attend college in the bipolar weather of Omaha at Creighton. They dance like champs at family weddings. And a couple of them marry NE natives that don’t cheer for Creighton, but for its louder half brother NU. They also traditionally catch the bouquet and garter at their siblings weddings:) Laura’s husband Sean brings a few great tendencies to the table as well. He can woo a crowd with karaoke, he surrounds himself with some high octane buddies so he looks like the calm collected one. He also doesn’t back down when he’s outnumbered by Creighton alumni, and is deceptively willing to listen to a bossy photographer that his new bride invited along for the ride. A strong match for an awesome wedding, as you can see. The UNO card games were filled with trash talk, the ceremony was filled with advice on how to raise 10 children, the trolley ride was loud with laughter, the dinner was devoured, and the dancing didn’t slow down. I’d like to propose a new tradition, that Royce get to be the family photographer no matter the event.. a wedding in LA, a 4th of July party at the lake, or the newborn photos of any of the 10 promised children that will be the product of this stellar couple. Cheers to new and old traditions!


Sign here…

I’ve decided after spending some time with the following couple that, to know Paul is to know Kari and visa versa. The two go together like ham and cheese, but a really fine ham and the fancy expensive cheese:) Even Paul was told by a family member that he’d have great luck throwing his dream “simple and classy” wedding. Because he’s simple and she’s classy. Well, I think they both knew what they wanted and they found it in each other. It was a joy to work around such a well planned day. The ceremony was at St. Paul’s Methodist, with tasty food and crazy dancing following at the Paxton downtown. We hopped in the limo after the big bubble send off at the church and then took an interesting loop to the Pres. Ford birth site for pictures, which included a quick stop back at St. Paul’s because we forgot to get the marriage license signed. Then the day was officially simple, classy, and legal:) Thank you Kari and Paul for letting me in on your well planned and personal day. Enjoy the preview!

God grant you many years!

I don’t sing at weddings for the same reason I don’t dance much at weddings. It’s because I hope that the couple will refer me to others they know and love:) I am careful not to offend people with my huge lack in vocal and dancing skills, however I totally sang at Kim and Chad’s ceremony on Saturday. Thankfully so was the rest of the congregation, but I was so happy to join in, because in one of the coolest traditions I have photographed, everyone in attendance sings “God Grant You Many, Many Years” right before the newlywed couple walks down the aisle. When you meet a couple like Kim and Chad you quickly see how their “many, many years” will be spent surrounded by good friends, loving family, quality time outdoors, and with a healthy dose of literature. This special day started at St. Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Church and then a sweaty but fun stop at ConAgra Park and onto the Paxton Ballroom we went. One of the highlights of the evening was sneaky up to rooftop with Kim and Chad for the awesome downtown view and some continual harassing with my camera. I don’t know if those 2 ever got a moment alone all day because they were sure surrounded by people helping them celebrate. Plus they can be alone as much as they want for many, many happy years:)  Enjoy the preview!