They say it’s contagious

It so exciting when your wedding day arrives. Having family and strangers catering to your every need, like keeping you warm in the drizzling rain or telling you how great you look in the wedding clothes you’ve had picked out for months, and your loved ones making sure you are exactly where you need to be when you need to be there, then seeing all the important people in your life gathered together for this major event. I’m certain Gonzo, the dog of honor from this weekend’s wedding would agree that it was all worth the wait and careful planning and he was thrilled when his day was finally here. His front and center view of the beautiful ceremony at the Sunken gardens was prime, and his dog mom and dad looked pretty stellar too.  Gonzo kept a pretty impassive face the whole time, while Lauren and Kyle and Co. had a hard time keeping their funny faces in check.  But it’s soooo hard not to be wearing a huge grin or an animated expression when you are running for cash during the reception, or you spot Lego He man hiding in the groom’s boutonnière. Or when you are around Lauren for more than 7 seconds.  I hope Gonzo and his crew can enjoy looking at the pictures from his special day as much as I do, because editing these faces is more entertaining than Netflix bingeing. Enjoy!



Closer the better!

I was lucky enough to do a third Schernikau wedding this weekend. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, that’s fine because it means a ton to me. It means that Mark, the dad of the bride, knows to yell “the closer the better!” when we are posing for family pictures. It means that I know the names of the adorable nieces and nephews at the wedding, and it means that I’m like that weird cousin that you only see at weddings but is also totally rooting for a glorious marriage and lots of babies from these two:) I knew the event would be lovely, but there were even a few surprises for this weird cousin… like breakfast for dinner! Or the best man totally playing up the super cheesy pick up line Alan used to get Kinsley’s attention, the flash mobs all night long, bridesmaids who bring their own genuine Gap props, a wedding dress that I want to go out and buy and wear everyday, and Garth. That’s the couples adorable fur baby who was invited to the first look. Both Alan and Kinsley were just as excited to see him as they were each other. He’s pretty great… If only there was another Schernikau wedding I could look forward to. Maybe I could find a fellow weird cousin to let me do their wedding. Enjoy the preview, you two!



Yes, it was warm (or ridiculously hot) on Saturday… But it became quickly evident that the oppressive heat was not going to be the star player for Kevin and Jill’s big day, there were way more fun things that got to take a higher priority. Like Jill making sure she got a first look in with her dad before the craziness of the day took over and choosing to have a blast on the party bus and just relying on photos to tell her how amazing the reception looked like before dinner was served. Or the couple making time for cooling and cute ice cream pictures in the blazing heat. The bolder flower girl made a priority of pulling her shyer companion down the aisle, just as the ring bearer came running up behind them. And Jill’s mom made sure not to leave Kevin’s mom empty handed when her lighter wouldn’t work quite right for the unity candle, and to make sure we all got a good chuckle for it. Kevin gave high priority space for his bride’s tissues in his front pocket during the ceremony and made sure to save room on the dance floor for other mother/son combos during his special dance with this mom. A random golfer made it a priority to hop into the photos of Jill and her bridesmaids, and thankfully all the wedding party made sure to tell stories about the couple that were just old enough to be funny to the parents and not disturbing. And yes, alright we made sure to literally hoover over the ac vents at every opportunity we had, but only because we clearly had much more important things to stay cool for on a very big day! Congrats to Kevin and Jill, you didn’t melt completely and now it’s official! Enjoy the sampling:)



Well that makes sense…

You’d expect a bride who works at a clothing store to have a cool wedding dress right? Well Jessie’s was better than amazing! You’d figure for two people who have been dating for seven years, they’d have a lot of mutual friends right? Well the whole wedding party was a giant group of best friends, who seem to have more jokes and ideas for funny pictures than you can shake a stick at! And it’s only natural for two people who’ve chosen to publicly declare their love to be a great fit, right? Jessie and Matt are so perfect for each other, even their little brothers had to admit it. What’s a logical move if you love tacos? Well you make sure to get a picture of you and your beloved at your wedding chowing on a couple for a local taco photo contest! What do you do when you have 50 or so pictures you are dying to show from a ridiculously fun wedding, and you always share just 10-11 in the blog post… Tough it out:(  Saturday’s events were spectacular and spontaneous, well coordinated and welcoming, tasteful and tasty:) Thank you Matt and Jessie for letting me be a part of your hilarious group of friends for you wedding. I hope it made as much sense for them! Enjoy the preview…


Signed, Sealed, and Delivered…

I made the short trip down to Lincoln this Saturday to hang out with Abby and Kory and their adorable families. The serious heat (and some really weird gnats) didn’t keep this crowd from totally enjoying themselves.  So other than marrying their best friend, both Abby and Kory had plenty of reasons to celebrate, like a $500 dollar garter auction, the state’s most brag worthy sunglasses tan, groomsmen who promise never a dull moment, and bridesmaids willing to brush off all those awful gnats.  The ceremony was at First Free Evangelical Church and the party was just a stone’s throw away at the awesome Himark Golf Course.  I’m so glad I got to be a part of their day, it’s a group I won’t soon forget:) Enjoy the sampling…