Just add family

Amber and Joe clearly know a thing or two about weddings. For instance here’s how I feel they would respond to a happy wedding questionnaire:

Q. How do you make sure there’s tons of love in your wedding party?

A. Have every one of them be married to someone else in the wedding party.

Q. How do have the most dapper wedding dog ever?

A. Get him a doggie tuxedo and walk him around downtown.

Q. How can you make 12 nieces and nephews feel extra special on your big day?

A. Make them all ring bearers and flower girls and singers.

Q. How do you make your photographer’s day?

A. Agree to jump on the hotel bed after you are both all dressed up!

Q. How do ensure that coveted wedding day glow?

A. Marry your best friend, in front of the rest of your best friends. Oh, and make sure a crazy guest dances his heart out to “What does the Fox say?”

I hope you two enjoy your preview as much as I enjoyed watching you to get hitched and dance the night away!