Only Fools Rush In

Your first dance at your wedding is a special moment, one you’re not likely to forget. And I’m certain I’ll remember Jeff and Aimee’s for a long time. Because they got to do their first dance three times… the first two being to very strange versions and then the third time the band nailed it. But nothing could bother these two lovebirds, not the drizzle or chilly weather, nor a missing hotel reservation the night before, or even a quick run back to the house for the grooms ring. They smiled, squeezed each other, and giggled the whole way through their special day. Their first look was darling, their vows and toasts were heartfelt, and it all took place at a castle soooo the atmosphere was obviously unbeatable as well. Keep dancing and laughing you two, it clearly suits you!  Enjoy the sampling:)