Only 10 years in the making…

Great things come to those who wait. Surely, both Shaila and James know that. She’s powered through nursing school and James has just wrapped up Pharmacy school. Oh, and they’ve waited 10 years since they started dating for this wedding to happen.. Not only does that kind of timetable warrant some pretty fun comments, but it also gives your families plenty of time to get know and love each other. It also means that you share the same huge group of friends, and that you have an incredible ease with your spouse that can only come from making it through the awkward high school years together. In case you were wondering, that kind of history could not have lead to a better wedding! It was a party all day long, grandparents included! Shaila and James, it was so obvious that this wedding marks the beginning of a new chapter in already beautiful relationship, So here’s to making it together through the awkward fiesty grandparent days too:)