There’s always one

When you get a large group of friends together, like a wedding party, there’s a few guarentees. There will always at least one bridesmaid who can’t hold a straight face when you want a sassy bridesmaid picture, and there’s always at least one groomsman who can’t hold “it” when you just want one more big group shot, but he’s run off for a call of nature. There’s almost always someone who’s the “mom” of the group, who brings extra socks in case someone forgot. Or there’s someone who’s laugh gets everyone else going, or that one who’s overly comfortable with group hugs… I love them all! Getting to laugh and goof with the wedding party is one of the best parts of a photographer’s job. Not to mention a groom who is a good sport when you tell him too many times to do certain things with his hands, or for a bride who knows it could be awesome for their friends to all play a game of basketball while waiting for the ceremony to start. Savana and Shad knew exactly who to have in their wedding party to keep them the most comfortable and who would help them to have the best time. This Saturday definitely confirms that being the 23rd wheel in a group of friends is still a great gig:) Enjoy the preview!