Family Tradition

Laura and her family have a few traditions that run deep. They all leave their beautiful LA scenery and sunshine to attend college in the bipolar weather of Omaha at Creighton. They dance like champs at family weddings. And a couple of them marry NE natives that don’t cheer for Creighton, but for its louder half brother NU. They also traditionally catch the bouquet and garter at their siblings weddings:) Laura’s husband Sean brings a few great tendencies to the table as well. He can woo a crowd with karaoke, he surrounds himself with some high octane buddies so he looks like the calm collected one. He also doesn’t back down when he’s outnumbered by Creighton alumni, and is deceptively willing to listen to a bossy photographer that his new bride invited along for the ride. A strong match for an awesome wedding, as you can see. The UNO card games were filled with trash talk, the ceremony was filled with advice on how to raise 10 children, the trolley ride was loud with laughter, the dinner was devoured, and the dancing didn’t slow down. I’d like to propose a new tradition, that Royce get to be the family photographer no matter the event.. a wedding in LA, a 4th of July party at the lake, or the newborn photos of any of the 10 promised children that will be the product of this stellar couple. Cheers to new and old traditions!