Royce Studio was started by a person named, oddly enough, Royce.  It seems like every photography site has to have a biography on it. I supposed that’s the easiest way to screen someone’s personality that you are considering asking to spend at least 8 hours with you on one of the coolest, and craziest days of your life.

The actual business is comprised of a couple more unfortunate souls that are weird enough to ride this crazy train with me. My husband, Cody, signed up for this when we said “I do” and has been keeping my books straight, my grammar correct, and my sarcastic attitude in check ever since.

Julie and I joined forces in 2012, knowing that together we would be able to enjoy more wedding bliss. We both love when a dad cries, when there’s an open slot in line for your wedding photo booth so we can slip in and embarrass ourselves, and when we see a newlywed couple find that spare second on their hectic wedding day to just to whisper, “I love you, darling”.  We both have little boys, so your groomsmen and ushers really can’t scare us and we both shot our first weddings with film, so we may yet earn the respect of your uncle that can’t let his film camera go. Our styles are really similar, however we differ in a few key areas. I spend too much money on camera bags, Julie is by far more disciplined. I am 5’10 and still wear high heel boots, Julie can look you in the eye at 5’5′. And I vote smoothies, she’s a coffee gal.

If you feel that after enduring this biography, we would be a good match for working together, use that nifty thing at the bottom of this page and lets find a time to meet up for smoothies or coffee…